A new approach to managing risk and projects in challenging environments

IMSA Ltd is in business to provide holistic, humanitarian and ecologically acceptable solutions to risks and threats which confront industry in some of the world’s more turbulent areas.

In common with any forward-looking company, IMSA Ltd is always seeking opportunities to develop its services more widely and identify areas where its proven procedures and practices can be applied in other related markets. While the company’s core business continues to be largely maritime security focused, analysis of IMSA Ltd’s competencies reveals many transferable skills that are equally relevant in any number of areas where knowledge of risk calculation, assessment, training and loss prevention are required. Coupled with this, enquiries from the oil and gas sector and others have been prompted by a realisation that IMSA Ltd’s approach and delivery can be applied equally effectively in areas which have only a passing connection with the sea.

The same analysis showed that IMSA Ltd’s recent projects have all involved sub-contractors with additional skills in engineering, project management, and ship and crew management.

As a result of this thinking, directors agreed to review and select from those companies IMSA Ltd has worked with, two such companies to be approached with a view to forming a new affiliated company – Maximar World Ltd. Accordingly, two existing companies – both world renowned leaders in their specialist fields - were approached, and readily agreed to join the venture.

The three companies that make up Maximar World Ltd are:

    1. Marine Carrier AB (MC) of Sweden - a ship broking firm specialising in vessels optimised for oil and gas exploitation work
    2. Metocean Engineering Ltd (MEL) of Scotland - specialist engineering and project management
    3. IMSA Ltd – manpower, operations and consultancy

The three companies combine to deliver a unique operations and security product across a range of demanding environments from ashore to inland waterways, riverine and littoral waters, to offshore/deep sea. Maximar World Ltd provides a unified shop window for the three companies and a single business point of contact for clients.

That’s Maximar World Ltd on +44(0)1202 649874


Call Maximar World Ltd Director – either John Twiss or Chris Ellison - to Discuss your Requirements. Tel: +44(0)1202 649874.

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